Colony 19 Project: Your Gateway to Luxury Living in Jerusalem

In my previous post about the German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem, I mentioned that the neighborhood is becoming gentrified. The Colony 19 project in Jerusalem is a perfect example of that gentrification. The project combines the classic building styles of the neighborhood with new, luxury features. As a result, the Colony 19 project is now one of the most sought-after luxury projects in Jerusalem.

About the Project

The Colony 19 project includes four residences in two classic buildings. These boutique, mandate-era buildings feature slanted and tiled roofs. This design pays homage to the rich history of the neighborhood, reminding residents of past architectural styles. The project also includes a commercial structure that will feature a small mini-market.

Colony 19 investors will have the freedom to design their own custom floor plans with industry-leading architects. This makes the Colony 19 Project a great choice for anyone in search of a truly unique luxury property in Jerusalem.

Luxury Features

Residents of the Colony 19 project in Jerusalem will enjoy a number of luxury features within their homes. Apartments will contain underfloor heating and a specialized, central-air-conditioning system that’s built to save energy. Each property will also include private storage spaces and a built-in alarm system.

These apartments will be a technology lover’s dream. All apartments will include a smart electricity system and electric shutters. With one and a half outlets per square meter there’s room for all of your favorite gadgets. Religous residents will also live comfortably, as the Colony 19 project comes equipped with Shabbat timers and a Shabbat elevator.

The Colony 19 Project in Jerusalem

The Colony 19 Project is quickly becoming one of the more desirable, luxury living options in Jerusalem.

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