New Apartments in Tama 38 – Old Katamon

This Tama 38 renovation on the border of Old Katamon, just a few min walk from Emek Refaiim, German Colony, and the Jerusalem theatre in Talbya.

The developer will add 2 floors to create 5 new apartments, for a total of 14 apartments. The finishes are high standard and there is a flexibility to change the layout to meet buyer desires.

The building will feature a Shabbat elevator, accessibility, and Sukkah balconies for all apartments.

The new apartments are three 2 bedrooms/2 bath units, between 86-101 sqm and two 98-120 sqm penthouse that can be combined to one 220 sqm penthouse.

    Ha-Khim Old Katemon

    Example Unit in This Project

    5 Bedroom Penthouse Apartment

    5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 220 sqm (2,368 sqft) apartment with 60 sqm (645 sqft) Sukkah balconies, customizable for buyer.

    Michael Steinmetz

    Jerusalem Real Estate