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Buying property in Jerusalem? Real estate brokers in Jerusalem offer unique advantages when purchasing property. The role of a mediator in real estate transactions remains important in both the United States and Europe. Despite this, many buyers struggle to see the value in employing a broker when buying a property in Israel. These buyers often see the 1-2% commission and immediately discount the worth of a mediator. They figure they’ll do everything on their own and save the money. What most Israelis fail to realize is that brokers actually provide many benefits for both buyers and sellers.

Shaking Hands Real Estate- Buying a property in Israel.

While many Israelis choose to sell their homes on their own, real estate brokers can often be very helpful. Image Courtesy of Flickr.

Broker’s Role When Purchasing a Home 

Searching for and purchasing a home often results in a large output of time and stress.  Buyers must visit numerous properties before finding a good fit. After that comes the bureaucracy and legal processes associated with purchasing a property. Brokers can both help with the search and closing, as they’re experts in the entire process.

Brokers Save you Time

Buying a home isn’t something that you can do in one day. According to the Department of Housing and Urban  Development in the United States, people see an average of 15 homes before finding a house that they like. While this number seems high, it’s not representative of all purchases.

An experienced and professional broker can help a buyer refine their search.  For example, a buyer may not realize the importance of private parking until speaking about it with a broker. With experience and knowledge in the field, brokers can point out factors that buyers might not consider. A good broker will take the time to develop a deep understanding of a buyer’s needs. They will then only present properties that fit those buyer’s needs exactly.  

Real Estate Brokers in Jerusalem Know the Process and Legal Experts

Buying a house in Jerusalem​ involves a great deal of paperwork and bureaucracy, and tackling this on your own can be a daunting task. The legal jargon can be overwhelming, putting additional stress on the buyer.  Brokers can help, as they understand the whole process and can recommend a trustworthy lawyer that they’ve worked with in the past.

Meeting in in Office-Buying a property in Israel

Brokers can introduce you to the right legal expert so the entire process of buying a process is done correctly. Photo courtesy of Paul Bence on Unsplash.

Finding the Right Broker

While brokers can be very helpful in buying a home, they’re not all created equal, and it’s important to find a broker that has your best interest in mind.  The first thing to look for in a broker is experience.  Experience doesn’t necessarily have to be five to ten years, but you’ll want to see the last few home sales managed by the broker.  Pay attention to the type of properties and transactions done by the broker to see if they have experience with your area and type of property (apartment, single home, split home, etc.).

Recommendations are also a great way to find a good broker.  If you don’t have any personal recommendations from friends or family feel free to ask a broker if you can contact their former clients.  If they’re good at their job brokers should receive positive reviews, and they should be happy to provide you with references.

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