New Apartment Projects in Old Katemon Tama 38

Renovation and expansion by renowned builder associated with some of Jerusalem’s largest and most prestigious projects, in a very desirable location on the park with unostructed views.

The building will feature a beautiful lobby, parking, storage rooms, modern intercom, underfloor heating, and many more high-end features and amenities.

The location (walking distance to Talbiya, Geman Colony, and Rechavia neighborhoods) is convenient to Shuls, shopping, dining, and neighborhood attractions. Apatments from 43 sqm to 200 sqm are available.

Occupancy is projected for August, 2025.

Ha-Khim Old Katemon

Example Unit in This Project

4 Bed 3.5 Bath Penthouse Apartment

4 bedroom (2 with ensuite bath), 3.5 bathroom, 160 sqm (1,722 sqft) with 61 sqm (657 sqft) private rooftop, private pool, 22 sqm (236 sqft) Sukkah balcony, parking, storage, and parkside location.

Michael Steinmetz

Jerusalem Real Estate