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You search for a beautiful property can be a delightful adventure. With the right guidance, you can focus your search on the locations and types of residences that suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Whether you are a first-timer or have been looking at Jerusalem real estate for a while, we hope to bring you a portfolio of properties match your preferences, and the level of help you desire with comparing and evaluating options.

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We represent buyers who are interested in the finest in Jerusalem real estate. Our attention to your needs and wishes can help you find the special place you are seeking in Jerusalem. We help people like you realize the dream of a lifetime.


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We help people work outside their range of experience, and pay help them navigate their purchase with security.

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There are some homes that stand out from among the rest. Some have unique charm and appeal. Let us help you find your special place in Jerusalem.


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“We found that the special extras made us feel really comfortable. 

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We  had ideas about what we wanted, but needed local knowledge to help us choose a good deal.”

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“Our calls and messages were answered promptly and completely. It felt like we really had someone working with us.


I can’t say enough about how pleasant and reassuring it is to have an experienced professional who knows what you care about on your side.”

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Profiles and information about neighborhoods, local practices, and other factors in choosing Jerusalem real estate.

Baka Luxury Residence

Baka Luxury Residence

An ideal balance of the historical and modern benefits of living in the heart of Jerusalem. Baka is the perfect location to call home.

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Baka TAMA 38 Project

Baka TAMA 38 Project

In the heart of Baka, a highly sought-after neighborhood, a new TAMA 38 project unveils six exclusive units, each designed with modern living in mind.

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