Rehavia: Your Ideal Neighborhood in Jerusalem

Selling property in Israel can be a complex and time-consuming process.  For this reason many property owners continue to employ experienced real estate brokers when selling their homes.

Brokers Will Save you Time

Imagine you’re looking to sell your property on your own, without a broker.  First, you need to find the proper channels for listing your property. Next, you have to construct and publish the listing. This will take research and potentially some trial and error until you can find the best channel for listing your property. Brokers on the other hand already have a large network of potential clients and access to strong marketing tools. Their experience and networks allow them to reach far more potential customers than you.  

Saving Time-Selling your home in Israel.

Time is your most valuable asset, and real estate brokers can save you time by taking care of your home sale. Photo courtesy of Ales Krivec on Unsplash.

According to Trulia, which polled a number of experienced real estate brokers, the average number of showings before a sale is 15. That means that you’ll have to put your own time aside on 15 occasions to show your property to potential buyers. Imagine you’re at work and someone wants to come see your house in the middle of the day.  Do you want to miss your lunch hour or more of work just to show your house? There’s no need for such a hassle when a broker could easily show your property during the day.

Brokers are Motivated to Sell Quickly

It’s no secret that real estate brokers work on commission-based salaries. This means that brokers are extremely motivated to sell their client’s property because their livelihood depends on it. As a home seller you still have a full-time job plus other commitments that could take time away from showings and other errands involved in selling your home.  If you’re serious then you want to sell your home as quickly as possible.  Why not let someone do it for you when it’s their full-time job, and they’re more motivated than you to close the deal quickly?

Brokers Remove the Stress of Negotiation

According to a study done by Business News Daily, 40% of American adults don’t feel confident in their negotiation skills. In addition, homeowners likely have some emotional attachment to their home, and this emotion could be a barrier when trying to close a deal with a potential buyer. In this case brokers can be the perfect intermediary, as all negotiations and offers would go through them.

Negotiation-Selling your home in Israel

Time is your most valuable asset, and real estate brokers can save you time by taking care of your home sale. Photo courtesy of Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

Brokers would also offer professional insight based on similar transactions in the area.  For instance, a broker would help you find the appropriate price for your home based on similar properties in the area. Without a broker you may be pricing your property too high or too low, and you’d never even know it.

Brokers Provide Expertise on What Sells

Every home has both positive and negative aspects, and brokers can help you by focussing buyers on the positive aspects.  This could be something simple such as rearranging furniture to make a room look bigger or adding a new coat of paint to make the home look newer. Both of these changes are small, yet you as the homeowner may see them as unnecessary because you’re used to your home’s conditions.  Subtle changes can have a significant impact on the perspective of your home, and a broker is the best possible advisor for such changes.

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