Jerusalem Real Estate

A comprehensive service for discerning clients. I understand Jerusalem real estate and offer you an experience that includes helping you understand the options and what to expect when investing in Jerusalem real estate.

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Licensed Real Estate agent in Israel since 2016

Local Guidance

A Friend In Town

Jerusalem real estate is some of the most treasured property in the world. Buyers from other regions may find the process unfamiliar and confusing, but you can have someone local who speaks your language translate the culture of Jerusalem real estate.

I help clients understand and navigate the process with confidence and ease.

Of course, the process starts by discovering your preferences, introducing you to neighborhoods and building types, and suggesting available properties that suit your needs.

Get the level of guidance and advocacy that you need to successfully locate, negotiate, and purchase the beautiful Jerusalem real estate of your dreams.

“Every client is treated like a personal friend”

Understand Your Options

Neighborhood Knowledge

Jerusalem is a city of neighborhoods. The variety of local lifestyles is rich and becomes a big part of enjoying your home in Jerusalem. I help people find a neighborhood that offers the best combination for their lifestyle. Let me introduce you to your new neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Full Service

What You Receive

Focus On You

It all starts and ends with what you want. What kind of property, neighborhood, amenities, price, and other concerns you may have.

Living Styles

Interested in a villa, apartment tower, classic, modern, cozy, spacious, or something else? I want to help you discover it today.


Learn more about places in the city that match your lifestyle, budget, and wishes. My detailed knowledge and experience are yours to use.


A property is much more than an enclosed space. Get the kind of construction, features, and amenities that make life pleasing.


There are a number of ways to complete a property purchase. Let me help you understand the funds handling process and options.


Jerusalem real estate has some new considerations. I’ll help you find answers about Arnona, Vaad HaBayit, Aliyah benefits, and more.

Michael Steinmetz

Jerusalem Real Estate